24-hour service

24-hour service

With very few exceptions, your devices will usually be repaired within 24 hours, i.e. your devices will leave our company again within 24 hours.

Warranty 1-3 years

Warranty 1-3 years

The repair of control devices includes a 1-year warranty. For the repair of displays and system failure, we grant a 3-year warranty. Please note: the warranty refers to our services only. It does not apply to short circuits or damage caused by liquids during the warranty period.

Error log

Error log

For the repair of your device we always need you to fill in an error log. You will find the log in your own language, but we kindly ask you to hand them in German or English only.

busplaner Innovationspreis 2010 

A “proof” of our competence: the nomination for the Innovation Award 2010 (busplaner, Kategorie ÖVP [category: public transport]).

busplaner Nachhaltigkeitspreis 2013

We are very pleased about the 1st prize in the category “Telematics, Navigation, Software” at the “Internationalen busplaner Nachhaltigkeitspreis 2013” [International busplaner sustainability award 2013] for our repair method for LCD displays.

r connect® systemtechnik – the company

Ralph Rittaler, the owner of r connect® systemtechnik, is a state-recognised electronics engineering expert with focus on electronics and communications engineering. His more than 30 years of professional experience encompass the development and repair of all kinds of electronic and electro-mechanic devices.

As one of the first companies and for many years now, the r connect® team has been developing repair methods for devices used in vehicles for the public transport of passengers/the public transport network. With every development step, processes are optimised and improvements directly implemented in the repairs.

Premium quality, particularly fast response times and long warranty periods are the result which cannot be achieved without many years of experience in this field.

In addition to repairs, the team also develops completely new components and component groups to replace lower quality or no longer available original components.

Product groups and error patterns

Air conditioning devices

Partial and total failure of bow cabinet and air conditioning controls – frequently occurring in rapid succession – often means long waiting periods for a repair or even the purchase of an expensive new device. We can help you to avoid both with our repair by eliminating the cause and not the symptoms of the problem.

Instrument nodes and speedometers

Whereas some repairs are of “cosmetic” nature, a system failure with its many different error patterns is a serious technical problem. In some cases, even the operating permit for your vehicle may become void. In addition, a defective, unstable, no longer logically operating instrument node may also damage downstream devices.

Devices we receive for display repair (pixel errors) are checked for all potential system failures we are currently aware of and repaired without any additional expenses. You will always profit from our state-of-the-art know-how! Currently, more than 500 individual working steps are involved in every instrument node. As to the repair of those systems, we have reached a high level which is reflected in the long warranty period.

Door controls and MUX nodes

Instrument nodes control the MUX nodes which again switch on various electrical end devices. Defects in such end devices result in defects in the MUX node: errors occur in the power outputs, defects due to overload or short circuits caused by illogical connections in the sequence control system (faulty instrument node). As those devices may be used in different places in the bus, it is possible that additional errors are present in still unused ports in addition to the errors described. Those errors will then be repaired as well, if we identify them during our technical inspection.

Various devices

Mechanical failure, display errors, defective voltage supplies – those are some examples of error patterns of various devices such as destination route displays or navigation systems. For those problems, too, we have the proper technical solutions.

It goes without saying that we constantly include new devices in our portfolio and also invest in further developments to be able to provide optimal advice to you in the future.

Do you have a special problem with a device we have not mentioned yet? Please contact us: we will find a solution for your problem.

How to place an order

Pack your cleaned device safely and whenever required, include the filled in error log which can be downloaded here at any time.

Then you simply post your device and – depending on the selected type of express mail – it will be returned to you in 1-5 working days.

Dispatch possibilities

1. Parcel shipment

To other European countries (outside of Germany), we ship parcels exclusively via express shipment.

2. Delivery and pickup service

Of course we also provide on-site delivery of the dismounted (!) devices (after previous consultation).

3. In advance exchange devices

For some models, exchange devices are available in advance.

Manipulation by third parties

Occasionally we receive devices where more or less successful repair work has already been done. In case of repeated repair, we have to take the responsibility for the work done by our predecessor. Unfortunately this usually involves unpleasant surprises due to not visible damage: the potential additional time and expense we need for devices manipulated by third parties is therefore incalculable as is the “guaranteed” success of our repair. Nearly all returns we receive are devices which had been manipulated by third parties before.

For this reason we would like to point out that we reserve the right to reject devices previously manipulated by third parties or to carry out the overhaul against additional expenses after inspection and consultation with the customer.

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